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Please note that the screenshots used throughout this guide may have been taken from a previous version of Mini-WinFE and could differ in this release. This documentation has been adapted from the MistyPE project - apologies if I have left any unintentional referrences to MistyPE and WinPE.

  1. Windows Forensic Environment - Some background information about Microsoft© "WinFE".
  1. Windows Preinstallation Environment - Some background information about Microsoft© "WinPE".
  1. Mini-WinFE - Project overview.
  1. Project Options - the main settings/options.
  1. Requirements and (Known) Issues - includes known issues with specific source files (e.g. source 6.0.6000 - WinFE 2.0).
  1. Project Scripts - List of all winbuilder scripts included with the Mini-WinFE download.
  1. Quick Start Guide - the basic steps for using this project to create WinFE in just a few minutes!
  1. Instructions - a more detailed walkthrough for using the Mini-WinFE project to create WinFE. Also covers Winbuilder usage.
  1. Installing to a USB Drive - includes notes on installing Mini-WinFE.
  1. Create a Bootable USB Stick - covers using Diskpart (Commandline) and Rufus (GUI).
  1. UEFI, BIOS, GPT and MBR - overview of UEFI and BIOS.
  1. MultiBoot WinFE - instructions for manually setting up a multiboot WinFE (e.g. 32 and 64-bit).
  1. Optional Components\Packages
  1. Acknowledgements